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    Akkor szépen kezdjétek felsorolni mi az ami elkészült a több mint 3 év alatt.
    Addig amíg gondolkodtok én mutatom mi az ami nem.

    Stretch goals not delivered
    co*ckpit decorations (bobbleheads, photographs, dinosaurs, fuzzy dice, nose art, posters)
    Class I repair bot (in hangar)
    Hadesian artifact
    100 star systems at launch
    Odin system
    Tyrol system
    Kellog system
    Goss system
    Orion system
    Ellis system
    Cathcart system
    Tal system
    Geddon system
    Chronos system
    Tamsa system
    Tanga system
    Cano system
    UDS-2943-01-22 system
    Kabal system
    Oretani system
    Exclusive star system for pre-launch backers
    Bengal carrier as a playable ship
    Frigate ship class
    Destroyer ship class
    Escort Carrier ship class
    Battlecruiser ship class
    Banu Merchantman
    RSI Orion
    Aegis Surveyor
    Anvil Carrack
    MISC Hull C
    MISC Endeavor-class Research Platform
    Anvil Aerospace Crucible
    Espera Prowler
    Genesis-class Starliner
    Ship systems and components
    Command and Control center (Tie all of your ships' sensors together and assume central command from the 3rd seat)
    Enhanced capital ship systems (damage control teams, navigation and engineering consoles)
    Ship upgrade package containing an engine modifier
    Engine tuning kit
    Updated scanning software
    Ballistic gatling weapon (Preacher Armament Inquisition XXII)
    J-Span Cryo-Star cooling system
    Enhanced ship modularity
    Base types
    Vanduul trading post base type
    Alien derelict base type
    50 missions in Squadron 42
    Hibernation mode (saving your game)
    Place bets on Arena Commander competitions
    Manage space stations (player-owned space stations)
    Planetside FPS combat
    Salvage mechanic career
    Public transportation system
    Enhanced mission design for Squadron 42
    Explorer-class "ExoGlass" mobiGlas rig
    Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) mk9
    Stellar Cartography in-game map room (not the website version)
    Alien languages (Vanduul, Xi’An, Banu)
    BB-12 Manned Maneuvering Unit
    Independent Arbitrator’s Guild
    More detailed AI activities
    Hardcore flight sim controller support: Flight chairs, MFDs (Multi Function Displays)
    Multiple monitor support
    Track-IR support
    Virtual reality (Oculus Rift) support
    Servers in Europe and Australia (before/during alpha)
    Outside the game
    Professional mod tools
    The first Squadron 42 mission disk: Behind Enemy Lines
    “Behind the Scenes of Star Citizen” documentary film
    Digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook (customizing and overclocking ship systems)
    Digital Jane’s Fighting Ships style manual
    RSI Museum airing monthly
    Retaliator Commercial

    Features advertised but not delivered
    Rentable ships (outside Arena Commander)
    Some ships with artificial gravity (or not)
    Different HUDs for different ships
    Hull breaches
    Shuttles for larger ships to land on planets
    Banu ports and stations for trading
    Parking smaller ships in the Idris
    Inertia on objects not anchored on ships
    Beam weapons for larger ships
    Tractor beams and EVA for cargo
    EVA ship repair
    Wreck exploration
    Benefits for ejecting from a ship about to explode
    Wreckage as a navigational hazard
    Using inertia for flight rather than burning fuel all the time
    Dangerous and dynamic Jump Points
    Changeable gravity systems for ships
    Booby traps and trackers for cargo
    Detailed navigation system
    Weapon slaving
    Detailed ship destruction for large ships
    Ship repair and cleanliness/degradation
    Ship trade-in and buying used ships
    Naming your ship
    Manual and auto-docking
    Customizable AI voices for different aspects of your ship
    Organization infiltration
    Playing as another alien race
    Run your own business
    In depth non-FTL communication
    Bounty hunting system
    Player influenced politics
    In-game VOIP and “Live Driver”
    Shareable star map locations
    Group mining operations
    In-fiction “Live Team” that will report player driven events as in-fiction news
    Dynamic population count
    Character damage and aging
    Character histories and/or ancestral trees
    Large scale dynamic events
    Player rating system
    Taxes for organizations
    Dead (wounded) body recovery
    Player or organization ran medical facilities
    User generated content
    Shared organization hangars
    Combined arms missions
    Location for contributors' names to be found in the PU
    Organization reputation system
    Damageable cyborg limbs and cybernetic repair facilities
    Dynamic social interaction with NPCs
    Space creatures
    Planet day/night cycle
    Cargo damage (item damage)
    Potential in-game “Voice Attack” system
    NPC generation
    Realistic audio options
    Personally owned NPCs
    Your name in the game
    Getting everyone into the same instance
    More economical or versatile corvettes
    Planetary ship entry
    Repair and items system capability
    Character customization
    Ship connected to user online/offline status
    Picking up objects on planets
    Multi-monitor HUD
    Large ship damage control lockers
    Dogfights through space stations
    Ship persistence
    Stealth game play
    Ability for privateers/corsairs/buccaneers
    Landing on planets
    Procedurally generated environments
    Starfarer's refueling mechanic
    Anchoring to an asteroid
    Killboards (outside Arena Commander)
    NPC ranks
    Thruster trails
    Non-lethal combat modules
    Raid supply shipments
    Hidden ship compartments
    Catapulting through space
    Locking ships
    Jury rig repairing
    Dynamic weather
    Automatic battle flight pattern
    Living spaces
    Insurance for pilots
    Escape pods
    Extreme ship maneuvers
    Start up sequence for large multi-crew ships
    Remotely hacking ships
    Pacing NPC's
    Incentives to keep your original ship's Hull
    Game generated missions
    Communication between two ships
    Ship armor
    NPC crews
    Guild wars
    Inflation and deflation (money value)
    Hiring NPC's for missions
    Travelling in fleets
    Tactical game modes in Star Marine
    Trading weapons in the Star Marine
    Player generated content
    Assigning ships to landing zones
    UI customization
    Radar features
    Future playable maps
    Ships developed by the community
    Warning NPC's of attack
    NPC crew AI
    Clothing damage
    Character creator
    Interior damage system
    Roaming floating structures
    Vehicles for planetside
    NPC dialogue
    Player owned cargo space
    NPC population in the PU
    Ship aging
    Linux client
    In-game banking
    Medic and surgeon skill progression
    Mining and resource gathering
    Fabricate weapons/armor/ship parts
    Join in-progress free flight games
    Hangar parties & instancing
    Physical grappling beam
    Multi-crew keycards
    Repairing Gold Horizon space stations
    Natural areas in the 'Verse
    FPS environmental hazards
    Store ore in your hangar
    Organic ships
    Ship spoofing
    Non-combat ships
    Search players for weapons
    Flying a ship without a hud
    Starting wars between the different races
    NPCs react to weapons
    Drop pods
    Org recruiting NPCs
    NPCs using different loadouts
    Resource spawning
    NPC & human scanning
    Location based damage for pets

    Features advertised at CitizenCon 2014 but not delivered
    Missile and countermeasure improvements
    Advanced power management
    Organizations 2.0 (with deep game integration)
    Landing on ArcCorp

    Features advertized at CitizenCon 2015 but not delivered
    Million Mile High Club
    Star Citizen HOTAS from Saitek

    Features advertised at CitizenCon 2016 but not delivered
    Refining and processing
    Quantum interdiction
    Mercenary - covert operations
    Travel to multiple Star Systems
    Exploration and discovery
    Science and research

    Kickstarter promises broken or not delivered
    Squadron 42 (Single player)
    Online or offline play
    Drop in / drop out co-op play
    Star Citizen (Multiplayer, also known as Persistent Universe)
    Mod-able multiplayer
    Private servers "hosted by YOU"
    No subscriptions
    No pay-to-win
    Controller agnosticism ("We’ve all got our preferences, so why be forced to choose?")
    Actions of the players impact the universe and become part of its history and lore
    Fully dynamic economy driven by player actions
    Backer rewards
    Full Star Citizen soundtrack
    42 page book "Squadron 42 Manual"
    42 page book "The Making of Star Citizen"
    42 page book "Engineering Manual for Modders"
    Star Citizen novella written by Dave Haddock
    Spaceship shaped USB stick - Fórum - Star Citizen (2024)


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