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Your ship, deep space, anything that is not happening inside the Citi Gateway or Ingaba...

General Roleplay Etiquette:

1. Control only the actions of your own character(s). (AKA: God Mode)
This doesn't matter how small the action is, even if it is as simple as scratching their nose or a direct reaction to something else that just happened. This applies to everything from casual conversation to full blown fight scenes. If you'd like someone to do something specific, PM that person, however keep in mind they are completely within their rights to say no. Especially if said action is inappropriate to their character and/or circ*mstance.

2. Don't brute force your way into another persons RP.
Approaching with a conversation starter is fine, or indeed some other small action. However charging in, guns blazing and disrupting the flow of another person/pair/groups conversation/arc is about as rude as doing so in real life. If something is going on that you'd like to participate in, be subtle about it. Put out a gentle hook for someone to take, but again, be aware that said hook may not be taken. If you fear it was simply unnoticed, PM the person or people it concerns. Or even leave a message in the OOC forums.

3. Good grammar and spelling is preferred.
We're not asking you to be perfect, but please at least demonstrate willingness. no1 iz gna tak u srsly usng txt spk. There's a wide variety of people here, many who speak English as a second, or even third language. There are even some with varying degrees of dyslexia and/or likely other issues that affect spelling/grammar. We accept them all here. However, people who aren't accepted, are those unwilling to accept polite correction. Remember that even a small thing like the placement of a comma, or the wrong use of there/their/they're can completely change the definition of an entire sentence.

4. Accept constructive criticism gracefully and politely.
If someone spots an issue with your writings, they may wish to help you improve that writing. They may do this through PM or even publicly air their thoughts on the OOC forum. If they have taken the time to be polite and explain what is wrong with your writing, the best way to behave is to respond in kind, using the same manner they have approached you with. It means they have taken an active interest in what you have written and wish to see more. Basically, you have a fan!

5. Don't take the actions or opinions of things done IN RP, to be directly relevant to the writers thoughts or opinions.
Basically, if some ones character calls your character a jackass, it doesn't mean the writer thinks you are a jackass. It's a ROLE they are PLAYING. Watch a movie. The argument between the characters isn't an argument between the actors involved. The same applies here.

6. It's not a popularity contest.
Your RP might be bustling with participants. You have 3 people off station in a fire fight, while another 2 are infiltrating the darkest areas of the station, meanwhile a group of 4 others are tracking your movements in an effort to stop you. Good for you, I'm sure it will be a thrilling read! But you know what? Sometimes the absolute BEST work, comes from two RP characters having a simple heart to heart. Both are valid, both are great, but NEITHER is categorically better than the other. Period.

Inara RP Etiquette:

1. Respect the setting and rules of the universe.
Inara is an Elite: Dangerous 3rd Party Tool. The RP Forums are set in the Elite: Dangerous universe. Elite: Dangerous has rules, as any fictional universe does from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, or Game of Thrones to Star Trek. If you intend to RP within the Elite: Dangerous universe you are bound by the history and rules of that universe. Simply put, this RP forum is bound by the same rules as the game, so if it can't be done in the game, it is not permitted here. This applies to things from a 50Ly Jump Range on a normal, unmodified Sidewinder, to the destruction of entire stations.

2. Respect the characters created by others.
We have a wide variety of characters already here. It's expected that some will be similar, just as it's expected that two characters will be vastly different. Opinions of each persons character will naturally be varied, but all are valid provided they follow the rules of the universe. You are allowed to interact with, or avoid interaction with, any character in the RP forums. But you have no right to belittle others for their creation. You are not an authority figure on writing, nor are you directly affected by another persons imagination. You might not like it, but you MUST respect it.

3. Be caught up on current events before joining in.
You need basic things like character descriptions in order to interact with them. You also need to know what's going on in the surrounding areas. This is simply because the people you are hoping to RP with, might be gearing up to something that you might not want to be part of. Or simply that the most recent post, out of context, could leave a different impression on the goings on than if you gather that context. We don't expect you to read every single post from the beginning of the forums, just enough to get that basic understanding.

4. Either subscribe to, or frequently check, the forum.
People may be discussing something relevant to you there, or even discussing you directly. Perhaps someone asked what the general consensus on the existence or non-existence of a certain object. Or we're just chatting about random gibberish. Either way, be aware of it and use it. If you're unsure about something, such as how guns would look and or behave, or even the music selection, use the OOC forum to ask. We don't have all of the answers, but the collective knowledge and logic usually allows us to overcome an issue and come to a decision on what should be allowed. Frontier Developments, and even David Braben himself, don't have the answers to every possible question that can be asked.

5. Large Scale events exploding out of nowhere are a complete no go.
We get it. Everyone wants their character to be noticed and for people to be tripping over themselves to interact with them. In some audiences, an introduction involving you blasting in for landing in a fiery wreckage of a ship, before cart wheeling out and sword fighting 35 Ninjas before whisking off with the local celebrity for a glorious night of passion, is in fact, cool.

This is not one of those audiences.

It is generally considered better to build your character up slowly over time. Eventually, you might even have a legitimate excuse to fight those Ninjas. Maybe even with other RP participants by your side.

6. Perfect characters are boring.
The point of a character arc, is that it is in fact, an arc shape. One who is morally unquestionable, fully kitted out and an infinite fountain of knowledge, cannot go through an arc. Give your character flaws. Be it a tendency towards befriending the wrong people, or a bad knee that frequently gives out at inopportune moments. It gives readers something to latch onto and empathise with. You can give your character exceptional capabilities at something, but it requires balance. She's a damn good pilot with no equal, but can't drive an SRV for peanuts. It can lead to some very interesting moments between characters, be it heartfelt or comedic.

Other Notes:

It should be noted that there can be exceptions to these points. For example, good grammar when a character is speaking is actually rare. Few people in real life actually speak with perfect eloquence after all. Or previously arranged actions during a fight scene, such as someone stumbling back after a punch. What's key to remember is



All in all, remember this is purely for fun. We have some seriously talented writers here, and others whose writing history starts and ends at high school. But many are willing to help out in whatever way they can. All it takes is that you ask nicely.

Also keep in mind that many people who RP here, also have logbook stories related to the character, or characters, they portray. If it looks like there's an "in joke" going on that you're unsure of, it's probably in those.

In fact, some users have even gone to the trouble of creating "alts" to RP with. If you read back far enough, it's usually pretty clear who has and hasn't, and which ones are the "alts". It's therefore not unheard of to see the apparent seizing of control of other characters. If you do spot one, point it out in the OOC section. If intervention is needed, it will be sorted quickly and (hopefully) politely.

Most, if not all RP participants here have Logbook stories pertaining to their character(s). These are for the reading pleasure of anyone who wishes to do so. While it can be useful to read them in order to gain a bit of backstory on a character you wish to interact with, it should not be assumed that your character shares that knowledge. Within the E:D Universe, these Logbooks either don't exist, or are private diaries kept by the characters. Either way, without explicit statements to say otherwise from the writer, your interactions should reflect that your character is in the dark about any information you, the writer/reader, have gained from reading the stories.

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07 Jun 2024, 1:35pm


Actually, the decryption tools had done their damn job. Alongside a whole lot of filler data - because that’s what you get when you’re messing around in the airspace operations - our haul included three files that looked more promising. I decided to take a peek at the first one.

Dear Sister,

Do you remember the constellations we traced with our fingers? Orion, Polaris - the stars were our secret language. Now, I am a constellation of scars, a map of suffering.

The lab whispers secrets. They say I am no longer human, that I am the bridge between flesh and machine. But what have I become? A cyborg? A monster?

The memories fray like old fabric. Did we dance in the rain? Did we chase fireflies in the twilight? I strain to recall, but the illness devoured my past.

The transformation continues. My eyes glow with unnatural light. My heartbeat syncs with the hum of the machines. I am no longer me.

The letters ABEL4 pulse in my mind. They are my mantra, my lifeline. Perhaps they hold the key to my salvation.

Or perhaps they are my descent into madness.

The lab coats watch me, their eyes calculating. They see progress, not pain. They see a vessel, not a soul.

But I remember.

And as the last vestiges of my humanity slip away, I cling to the memory of your laughter.

Goodbye, Lily.

Now, that was a real downer right at the start of the day. Clearly, someone had a less-than-stellar experience with their partial or maybe full-blown transformation into a cyborg, all in the name of treating something. What caught my eye was the string “ABEL4”… which probably stood for Azimuth Biotech Experimental Labs-4. Based on the message, I figured this was some facility dabbling in cybernetics. But beyond that, no origin, no breadcrumbs. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder how this patient managed to send that message and how it all played out. Guess we’d never find out.

I decided to check out the next files and report back to Kasumi later. But before I plunged into the next one, I needed a damn coffee - and preferably one with a shot of brandy. I think someone once coined the name Carajillo for it.

Kasumi Goto

07 Jun 2024, 2:36pm


The previous day’s Azimuth stunts had definitely been… a lot more tiring than I’d thought they would be. I had managed to just outright doze off, for… however long it was, after just briefly closing my eyes. And I’d woken up to drifting elsewhere within the room… still feeling just as dazed and sleepy. The datapad had floated off, too, after my grip on it had relaxed, and was nowhere to be seen.

Shower hadn’t really done much to get me out of that sleepiness either. Maybe I could just… not do anything until the afternoon, and continue to be a lazy piece of a human. Something that my big curves, still, had made me even ‘better’ at.

I closed my eyes again, briefly wondering how this would’ve had to look to somebody else, seeing such a disproportionate person floating around lazily in zero G, just in her underwear. At least the ‘shorts’ weren’t very exposing… the bra, there… was really no way of preventing it from showing something, and I’d had to resort to the ones that were open in the middle, finding the fully enclosed ones to be too constraining at this size of breast, and thus uncomfortable.


07 Jun 2024, 4:44pm


After I had taken care of myself with something strong and good, I turned my attention back to the data pad and the second of the three potentially interesting files.

It was an emergency message, but no ordinary one - it vaguely reminded me of the Shamash incident that had happened some time ago, where the participants had turned on each other.

Emergency Broadcast received with interference: Mining vessel Shining Digger - Code Red

This is... this is the Shining Digger. To anyone who can hear this - our situation is... it's not good. We thought we'd hit the jackpot, plundering an abandoned facility. Big money, we thought. But this place, it wa--- ... ---s --- ... a---zzZZZZZ
[text missing due to interference]

[Minor interferences]
The air is thick with greed and... someth--- ... ---ing else. Something foul. It's in our hea--- ... ---ds, in our blood. We see things that aren't the--- ... ---re. Shadows. Whispers. Everyone's turned on each oth--- ... ---er. They think I'm plotting too, but I'm not. I swear I'm--- ... ---not.

We wanted riches, now we're just... rich in madness. The walls are closing in. I can't trust my own eyes. My crew, my friends - they're not themselves. They're looking at me. They know I'm sending this. I don't have much time. If you're out there, stay away from - wait, whAt is thAt?

I can't sEEm to focu...s. My thoughts are all oveR the plaCe. It's like there's a staTic in my braiN. Can't think strAight... Wha... wa..

[Transmission ends abruptly]

From the message, it was clear that the emergency involved a mining vessel named “Shining Digger.” Fancy name for a mining rig, the sound of which gave rise to the association that it was probably a flying junkyard. Some chumps thought they struck gold when they found an abandoned facility, but ended up paying through the nose - probably even lost their life from the looks of it. Quick credits ain’t never free, are they? Again, there was no trace of where the message came from.

I wondered if the whole thing had something to do with the ominous Helix warning message Kasumi picked up the other day - the events coincided in time, but that seemed to be the only connection.

There was still the third and last file to go.

Kasumi Goto

07 Jun 2024, 5:09pm


Sleeping wasn't really happening... it seemed like, at least, because the time spent floating was getting interrupted by those wayward thoughts or moments where my eyes just decided to open up. Not the first time that cycle occurred, and very likely not the last. Of course, that knowledge didn't help me in trying to decide whether to let it find its natural end when my brain decided it was no longer tired enough and that I could do something, or to forcibly pull myself out of it.

It ended up being the latter, because the thought of food entered my mind. And that, that didn't seem like such a terrible idea to commit to, particularly as it would help me get some energy into the body and wake up properly. First... I had to slip into something with magnetic soles, though - as nice as floating like an inflated balloon was, that and eating didn't exactly seem like a great combination.

I was also lucky in sparing myself the rather odd moment of having to toss my bra off in order to get a bit of momentum toward a wall, because I was near something I could grab. Off to the locker, put on some light slippers that would at least keep my big curves floored, then over to the food storage in my personal cabin. This would probably turn out as a fairly sizeable 'breakfast' in order to cover for the energy expended yesterday.


07 Jun 2024, 9:57pm


The last message really packed a punch. As I listened for the first time, every hair on my body stood on end. A murder was being committed, loud and clear, and with such a casual, cold-blooded manner that it sent shivers down my spine.

Recorded audio

And the order for the murder was just as chilling – after the team on the ground had mentioned witnesses multiple times, it didn’t seem like Central Command misunderstood; rather, they had anticipated an outcome: they simply didn’t expect there to be any survivors or witnesses. The whole event was meant to be swept under the rug. And like a well-oiled machine, the team complied without asking a single question. The recordings documented everything, even gunshots could be heard in the background. Not exactly what you’d expect to hear on a slow morning.

The name of the unit responsible for the incident was also clearly audible: ABEL4. I had already encountered this name in the first file today, but now it shed a different light on the events: who knows if the procedure there was more of an experiment than a treatment. After what I had just heard, I wouldn’t put it past ABEL4.

Kasumi Goto

07 Jun 2024, 11:19pm


While I figured out how to best go about eating some cereal in zero gravity - which was harder than some battles I'd fought - the idea that I could as well be sending out some messages now came to me. First... to a friend. Because I had plans for after today's Azimuth action... whatever it would consist of.Hey, Jana

So... You remember the thing, that I mentioned... a few days ago? When we met at your... home, I guess?

I think I would like to get that underway. Speak somewhere private about it - my carrier, should be good enough. It is in HIP 5840.

There... might, also be somebody else around. Try not to be scared.


I sent the message off, then got to the other one I wanted to write. With a light touch of humor.

For the one that wanted to be called "H"

The stuff I let loose on the Black Flight pad got some things out of it. I am currently fighting some cereal... or thinking about, how to. Maybe I should go to a spot on the carrier where there is gravity to eat it.

When I am done with that, I guess, we should meet up. Around here... and I have also invited a friend over, but for a different reason. Try... not to, scare each other, ok?


With that out of the way... back to the important matters. There had to be some kind of funny spoon to pick stuff up with in zero gravity, without it flying all over the place and making a mess. Maybe also one of those bowls which used physics in a clever way that was far beyond me, to keep liquids in it.


08 Jun 2024, 1:30pm


I felt a tad irked after listening to the third and final file. Sure, I’m no angel, but I’ve always had a distaste for unnecessary violence, especially against those who can’t fight back. It didn’t help that my data pad started acting up, the screen flickering and glitching, while the speakers crackled and whined like they were caught in some interference. I cursed under my breath and reached for the switch to reboot the blasted thing – and for a moment, it felt like my finger sank into the switch rather than meeting immediate resistance, as if the surface wasn’t quite where I expected it to be. An unsettling experience – maybe I should’ve skipped the brandy today.

I decided to take a cold shower, but that odd sensation lingered some more before everything finally felt normal again – almost as if I’d been slightly off the frequency of reality. Some would say that’s my usual state, but I can’t recall feeling this peculiar before – except maybe that one time with a Guardian Obelisk, but that was ages ago.

Back then, far from the core areas littered with Guardian relics, I stumbled upon a lone Obelisk. My investigation led to some kind of discharge, knocking me out cold. I eventually came to on my ship, nursing a nasty headache, with no memory of how I got there – I chalked it up to the throbbing pain in my skull.

I had just slipped back into my clothes when a message from Kasumi popped up. She wanted to meet later, after her breakfast, and apparently, she’d invited someone else too, someone I hadn’t met before. I pondered why she warned not to scare each other and why she was now addressing me with ‘H’ – though I suppose that’s better than mangling my name. Well, let’s see what this is all about and what news there is from the Black Flight ship.

Kasumi Goto

08 Jun 2024, 1:46pm


Mastering that cereal was still not an easy task even after getting the correct utensils to do it in the first place… and there were still a few free-floating globs of milk, and small cereal rings, around. I fished them out of the air with the funny spoon that had a closing mechanism on it, and guided them to my mouth.

That had… certainly been something of a learning experience. Namely the part of not dunking the spoon into the funny-looking bowl too enthusiastically, but once I’d gotten the hang of it, it wasn’t that hard. And, after three quarters of a baguette with meat spread and some sausage on top, plus that cereal and fruit juice, I was definitely set for the morning… and maybe most of the afternoon… on food, with a quite full belly, just about avoiding the point of being overstuffed.

Would probably be a good idea to get properly dressed now, as I had no particular intention to wander around the ship in this underwear. Especially not while meeting other people, one of whom currently was still closer to an ‘associate’ than an acquaintance or friend. And I did need a bit of time to convince clothes to go on my body, particularly on the upper half, given the disparity between waist and chest, while I wore reasonably form-fitting shirts.

Hoodies - and their hoodless equivalent - weren’t such an issue, but… not today. Then, off to the data lab, with my pad. If asked, I’d point my visitors there… assuming that Jana would respond.


09 Jun 2024, 10:16am


I acknowledged receipt of Kasumi's message and asked when and where exactly the meeting on board the Abode was planned.

I then went into the hangar to inspect the Phython Mk II, which was the latest addition to my personal collection. The ship, its sleek design cutting a formidable silhouette against the cluttered backdrop of the hangar, was waiting for me, like a wild beast wanting to be set free. I couldn’t help but admire the meticulous craftsmanship. Faulcon deLacy had done their work well, but today’s test flight would determine if their efforts were enough.

Slipping into the pilot’s seat, the co*ckpit embraced me like a second skin. The controls were familiar, yet with that new ship smell that gets a pilot’s heart racing. With a gentle hum, the Python MkII came to life, systems syncing and screens flickering on. A quick pre-flight check, and it was time. The hangar doors slid open, revealing the vast expanse stretched out before me.

I fired up the engines, and the growl of the Python’s heart coming to life sent a thrill up my spine. The thrusters responded to my touch with the eagerness of a racing hound and with a flick of the wrist, we shot out of the hangar bay. The MkII responded to every command with precision, its movements fluid and assertive. Yet, as I pushed the ship to its limits, I could sense that there was room for refinement. Maneuvering through a series of complex acrobatics, the ship responded with precision, but the thrusters hesitated for a fraction of a second before a sharp turn, the energy distribution fluctuating under extreme maneuvers.

The Python MkII was a marvel, but it wasn’t perfect. Not yet. It was evident that this beauty needed a passionate craftsman’s touch, a bit of that engineering wizardry that turns a ship from a mere vessel into a legend. With a determined nod, I set a course back to the hangar. Landing back at the hangar, my engineering team gathered around, eager for feedback.

“She flies beautifully,” I began, “but there’s room for improvement.” I detailed the moments where performance dipped, where the harmony of engineering and design faltered. The engineers listened intently, their minds already racing with solutions. Their eyes sparkled with the challenge, eager to iron out the imperfections. As they dispersed, tools in hand and ideas flowing, I knew that the next time I took it for a flight, the Python MkII would be not just a ship, but a symphony of engineering excellence, an extension of my will and a challenge to any who dared think they could match her. Its journey had just begun.

And maybe it was about time to begin mine. I checked if there was any reply from the Abode.

Kasumi Goto

09 Jun 2024, 12:54pm


To the inquiry of when, and where, I simply answered in the data lab on my carrier, any time. Since I was already there, and… pretty much just waiting. The Black Flight pad didn’t really hold much more than those three things I’d found on it, and only two of those were of any interest, anyhow.

Still waited for the reply from my friend… maybe she was busy. I knew her to not have put down fighting back against the Thargoid invasion force completely, even after Oya was destroyed, but I was not going to say anything about that. And what would I have said that wouldn’t have sounded… disingenuous or like she wasn’t supposed to fight when it was right to?

Because apparently, everyone who fought, that I tried to point out to that, maybe, there should be another solution than violence which would simply cause more violence later on, immediately got defensive and impossible to argue with sensibly. It was making me want to just stop bothering, and let them deal with the consequences of their idiocy later… even though I wanted the same thing, for the war to end, just permanently, and not by bashing things with a hammer.

I threw a side look at the weird AI chip thing we’d recovered as well. Part of me just wanted to dump it out into space, collision course with the nearest star, and forget about it.


09 Jun 2024, 7:10pm


Back in my cabin from the test flight, I realized that the meeting was to take place immediately in the Abode data lab. I acknowledged receipt of the message and informed Kasumi that I would be on my way immediately.

I changed out of my flight outfit into more appropriate civilian clothing, consisting of boots, trousers, top and jacket, predominantly in the colors dark blue and steel blue, and then made my way to a waiting Dolphin which, equipped with a comfortable passenger cabin, was to take me to the Abode, eager to see what would await me there. I wondered if the third person had already arrived and who it would be.

The flight was pleasantly short as our two carriers were not too far apart in the same system. I told my pilot to wait with the ship in the Abode hangar and went to the data lab where Kasumi was waiting for me.

Kasumi Goto

09 Jun 2024, 8:09pm


I briefly turned around as my companion in this adventure strolled into the data lab, wearing... I guessed, a not too different attire from the usual. Me, of course, still in the snug, but not particularly revealing, black shirt and pants. As much as my clothes could avoid revealing anything, with curvature of this magnitude.


I turned back around and leaned over the thing I was looking at again, one leg placed slightly behind the other. And while the left hand was on a solid surface, the right one held up the data pad to 'slightly behind me', gesturing it around as if to say, grab this and look at it. I kept it there until the pad was gone from my hand, and began talking.

"I am still waiting for the third person. She has not answered yet, but may be busy. She will not be here, for this, so... we can, start to talk about it."

And I fully turned around, not finding contemplating the chip which lay on the small table to really be enlightening. To get more about it, I'd have to dig into what it contained... which I didn't want to, in order to avoid triggering or activating anything rather unwanted. But its presence was kind of concealed behind me, in particular thanks to the big hip curvature, as I leaned back... with a little help from both hands to keep me actually leaned onto the table itself. Which, naturally, provided a 'squishing' effect pushing my soft mass out to the sides even further.

Naturally, I liked this. More than I should have, probably.


yesterday, 4:46pm


"Hello," I shot back with a smirk, sauntering closer. I snatched the data pad that was held out to me with a measured motion.

"I also fished out a little something from the Musashi's communication array. Found something quite disturbing, if you ask me. But first things first... what do we have here?“

I nodded my head in the direction of the data pad, which I was now holding in my right hand.

“Did you dig up anything juicy in the logs of that ship parked in the security zone at Howarth Engineering?"

I edged another step closer to Kasumi and the table, my boots thudding softly against the floor of the data lab.

"Your other guest running late? I'm not sure I've got that right - we'll start now and she'll join us later?"

Kasumi Goto

yesterday, 4:51pm


“Yes, I have found ‘things’. But, look for yourself.”, I replied, gesturing at the datapad.

“And the other… guest, I am still waiting, for an answer. But I will discuss something else, with her. That is not related to this Azimuth, thing.”

I wasn’t exactly convinced about her taking steps closer without much of a reason, my ‘personal space’ being more extended than that of the average human - even without highly increased proportions - but the only option I had in my current position was to make the soft rear half meet the table a bit more.


yesterday, 5:50pm


"Thought she'd be part of this little rendezvous too, given you said we shouldn't spook each other," I said.

Hoisting the data pad higher, I squinted at the data it held captive.

"And what do we have here?"

My eyes darted across an internal report from Azimuth Biotech detailing a biohazard incident in one of their labs, sparked by an assault from an unidentified third party. The debacle seemed to have claimed the lives of a few, if not all, of the staff. The term 'Project Helix' leapt off the page, triggering memories of that odd message Kasumi had intercepted. Helix appeared to be a pathogen, its containment breached by the attack – hence the alert that Helix was compromised. And there it was again, the designation ABEL4, a name that had crossed my path more than once.

"Damn, that's some heavy stuff. Looks like someone's attack turned that lab into a real mess."

I flicked to the next file, a set of coordinates logged in the Black Flight ship's diary. The ship had taken a beating on its last mission, marring the record – still legible, though.

"What I've read here ties nicely with that disturbing comm intercept between ABEL4 and command."

I returned the data pad to Kasumi and fished out my own from a bag.

"Here, take a look. See for yourself all the data I've unearthed."

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