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Alternate Ending #23 - Cephalopod Lodge (115B)

"Five minutes later..."The Narrator said.

After five minutes, Squidward walks to the Lodge, hoping that the plan might work for him. Those two are the main purpose of why he was kicked, so he prays the disguise as a giant eel will work. Squidward said in worry while he heads inside, "This is ridiculous. No one is dumb enough to believe SpongeBob and Patrick are a...a...giant albino eel!"

It turns out that he was right about the cephalopods being that stupid. As prove of that happening, the Lodge members ran back and forth from the "giant eel", in which is SpongeBob and Patrick in disguise as a sock. The sour squid watched as the cowards ran back and forth from the "monster" as the duo roar to them/


"Unbelievable." Squidward said in disbelief. He can't believe the his former members are actual cowards. Suddenly, the cowards themselves hid behind Squidward for some reason.

"Squidward!"One of the Loge members shouted at him.

"Look out!" Screamed Brother Roger as he hid behind Squidward's back.

"There's a giant albino eel on the loose!" Another Lodge member said in fear.

This is ridiculous.After the Lodge members have hid behind the octopus's back, he cleared his throat and walked to the "eel" with out fear, said in a fake brave tone, "Do not worry. I will save you. Be gone, foul beast, or, I will smite thee." He "punches" the beast a couple of times, defeating the "beast".

"Oh! Oh, ow! Ow! Oof!" groaned the "beast" as it collapse to the floor. This made the Lodge members to come out of their hiding and cheered as they chant "Squidward! Squidward! Squidward! Squidward!"

The octopus can't believe it. This lousy plan both the duo made is actually flawless. It finally worked. He laughs with a big smile as Brother Roger gave him back the ropes and hat. He's finally back in!

"Excuse me, gentlemen." Squidward said as he went to drag the beast. "I'm gotta take care of this right now. Be back!" He pulled the sock outside further away of the Lodge and drops the sock onto the ground. After that both, SpongeBob and Patrick have got out of their disguise as they cheered in success.

"Way to go, Squidward!" SpongeBob said with a smile.

"It works!" Patrick said in agreement.

"Of course it did. and it all thanks to you two! You morons have actually gave my only good thing into my life back. I never thought I say this, but thank you." The octopus said in a small happy tone.

"Your welcome, Squidward!" Both sponge and starfish said in delight.

Soon, the now back Lodge member has went back to his sour self.

"Good, now get out of here! This is supposed to be a private club!" Squidward said sterly.

"Right." said the duo. "See ya later, Squidward!"

The sponge and starfish had left as the octopus heads back to the Lodge, feeling glad that's he's back in.

While going home, Patrick looks to SpongeBob and asked.


"Yeah, Patrick?" asked the naïve sponge.

"Since we both know about Squidward's club, don't you think we should keep it as a secret?" The starfish suggested.

"Sure thing, buddy!" SpongeBob replied in a happy tone. "We'll never expose the great secret that Squidward has now, since he's back to the Lodge. Besides, we already have our own Lodge: the Feather Friends."


Soon, the two friends went home, felling glad that Squidward is back to the Lodge.

Alternative Ending #24 - Nautical Novice (102B)

*After Mrs. Puff and Spongebob gone off the giant boat...*

"...And how you free the anchor, brilliant! Now here's your driver's license." Mrs. Puff said with a smile to Spongebob as she hand out the license to him for stopping the massive ship from crashing.

"Ahhh! YES!"Spongebob cheered as he takes the license from his teacher and his hands in the air like he just don't care. " I did it! I finally got my drivers license! Oh thank you thank you Mrs. Puff!"

"You're welcome, Spongebob. Congratulations." Mrs. Puff said with a nod of agreement as she nods her head. Suddenly, a group of tugboat fish and the owner of the museum has rapidly ran to the puff-fish and sponge, with crazed worried looks on their faces. This caught both the sponge and puff-fish's attentions as they turn around.

"Dear Neptune's Christ!Are you two passengers alright?!"One of the tugboat fish said with caution.

"Both of us are okay, dear sir, all thanks to my student here." Mrs. puff said to the fish with a smile, pointing her finger to Spongebob.

"I can't believe it! Kid, you actually managed to get this massive ship to stop crushing the town?!" The owner said as he looked at the ship right next to the buildings.

"Uh...yes...?" Spongebob said with a innocent smile, glad for what he done.

"Oh thank you than you thank you, young man! So glad someone managed to stop the attraction." The owner said as he sake the sponge's hand rapidly, causing him to shook him couple of times.

"Okay, boys! Let's take this ship back to its course!" The owner says to his employees as they aboard the massive ship.

Eventually, the owner and the tugboat fish turned on the ship/museum and drove it back to its exact spot. This leaves both Spongebob and Mrs. Puff speechless. Looking at Mrs. Puff, the sea-sponge asked her after staring at the ship with shocked eyes.

"Want me to drive you back at school?" Spongebob asked.

"Yes. Yes, that would be great." The puff-fish said, still in a trance.

Alternative Ending #25 - Gone (104B)

*After Spongebob is going to attack the upcoming bus with a ax...*

Just as Spongebob is about to use his ax to face the upcoming bus, all of a sudden the vehicle itself drove rapidly and unexpectedly hitting the young sponge. This has made Spongebob to get out of his mental state and screamed in terror as this happens.

"AAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!"The sponge screamed in horror as the bus hits him, causing everything he sees to go blurry and a major crash was heard afterwards, leaving Spongebob paralyzed in a death-like trance, thus with scratches and red marks all over his body. Thankfully for his spongy material, he eventually survived; for now at least.

Spongebob was stuck in a trance while laying on the street, really confused and hurt on what just happened: first he found out that everyone's gone, then he played the people out, and lastly his mind has been screwed after playing with Boaty. So now, he's on the street after being hit by a bus. Just as some familiar passengers from the bus rapidly came out of the vehicle checking if he's alright, the demolished sponge suddenly closed his eyes, since the crash probably made him knock out.

"Four hours later...*The Narrator said.

"Uh...What happened?" SpongeBob questioned in his thoughts as he gets up from the damages, along with his vision not being blurry anymore. And to his surprise, he realized that he's on a hospital bed and covered in stitches. "What in the barnacle...?" As he looks around in confusion, he sees that not only his suddenly not gone friends, but also his family.

Mr and Mrs. Squarepants are sobbing as they hug each other, a doctor next to them, Patrick and Sandy weeping, Mr. Krabs, Gary, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, and Squidward on chairs with sad faces, Plankton on a ledge with a doubtful face next to Karen, and the rest of the Squarepants family outside the room. And to put much more sure surprise, there are some balloons and presents next to the chairs.

"G-g-guys?!" The sponge gasped in both surprise and happiness. "I'm so glad that you're all here and not gone!"

"SPONGEBOB!"This has surprised and made everyone gasped in the room full of joy and rapidly looked at Spongebob with great big smiles and guilty faces, except for a bit on Squidward and Plankton. The damaged sponge can tell that they're so glad that he's okay. But the question is, why did they disappear in the first place?

"Our son is ALIVE!"Mr. and Mrs. Squarepants cheered in joy, hugging each other now since their son awoke.

"My best buddy is awake! YEAH!"Patrick exclaimed in happiness while jumping up and down, glad that Spongebob has woken up.

"Yee-haw!Our little square dude is back up and running than a cowboy in his last how-down!" Sandy said in happiness.

"Meow meow meow!" (My owner's okay!) Gary meowed in cheer.

"Spongebob me boy! We're so glad that you made it okay! I thought that accident almost killed ya." Mr. Krabs smiled with bit of tears running through his eyes, happy that his frycook is back in shape.

"Oh-ho-ho guys, I'm glad you're okay too, but I have one question: what in name of Neptune happened to you guys?!All of you were allgone!"Spongebob said with both a confused face and a soft smile, which didn't last very long after wondering what is going on and hearing this "accident" Krabs is talking about.

"For once, I actually agree with Spongebob. Should we tell him what we've been doing this whole time?" The snarky octopus point out, hoping that the sadness won't continue any longer.

"Never thought I say this, but he's right. Spongebob needs to know." Mrs. Puff agreed as everyone else nods in agreement.

"I'm all ears, guys." The damaged sponge said as Sandy and Patrick walked next to him.

"Well Spongebob, it all started about several weeks ago where Neptune told everyone in Bikini Bottom but you about a very important announcement. He told us that your birthday is coming up and we all take part of preparing the celebration." Sandy explains as a flashback appeared showing everyone getting ready for Spongebob's Birthday.

"So that explains the balloons, presents, and party hats. But what does that explained about you guys been gone for weeks?" The hospitalized sponge asked, wanting to know why everyone was gone for weeks.

"We've been searching and exploring different locations to find the appropriate gifts." Patrick said, showing a present to his best friend. "And it was difficult to find them honestly. So Neptune has helped us out to find them so we can get back. The reason for that because the stuff we got at home doesn't fit you."

"Wow...now I understand why everyone's gone. And I can't believe that I didn't know aboutmybirthday!I completely forgotten!I was so busy getting crazy of where did you guys go that I didn't acknowledged it." Spongebob said in shock after hearing the entire explanation, now understanding why everyone's gone.

"Of course you have. Now everyone, don't you think that its best if we should all give him a major apology for leaving him all alone and driving himself nuts?" Pearl asked to everybody after talking to Spongebob, in result with nodding in agreement.

"Yes... we're sorry..." Everyone said to Spongebob all together. This apology has put a giant smile across the sea-sponge's face. In response, he said to them, "I forgive you guys... and I'm very thankful for caring about my birthday.

"And we need to clean up Bikini Bottom too, because obviously its a mess when we left you." Mrs. Puff said with a sweat drop rolling on her head.

"Yeah... We were messier than a whole group of wild bulls." Sandy said in agreement.

Alternative Ending #26 - The Krabby Kronicle (109B)

*After Krabs lost his money and Spongebob goes to him...*

"Mr. Krabs, are you okay?" Spongebob said in concern as he ran to the now crying cheapskate after the crowd took their money back from all the lies they read. Laying on the floor tearing up after loosing his loot in defeat, Krabs responded to his employee in sadness, "How can I be okay if me money's gone?! Its ALL GONE...! And only having a lousy doesn't pay."

As he got up from the floor and taken out a dollar from his pocket, he suddenly stops crying after seeing the printer still operational, which has given him an idea. Seeing this, the dollar has also given Sponegbob an idea too, since this is his another chance of payback to his boss completely; and he knows just the person who can fulfilled the perfect comeuppance. With a smile, the crab said with joy as he about to put his dollar into the machine, "Or is it?"

As quick as a flash, the sea-sponge swiped it the dollar off his boss' claw, much to the cheapskate's surprise and shock. Surprised on why did he done that, the greedy crab asked his fry-cook in both confusion and dismay, "Hey! Why did you took my dollar off of me claw?"

"Because I'm about to do something that you're not going to like:TELLING YOUR MOM!" Spongebob declared with a grin as he starts to exit the Krusty Krab and ran as fast as he can, heading to Mama Krabs' anchor. This has put a massive cringe into Krabs entirely as he has just seen his fry-cook rapidly ran to his mother's house. Hoping that he'll figure out a way of not letting Spongebob tell on him, Mr. Krabs has scurried after his employee in a fast pace.

"NO-HO-HO! DON'T TELL MY MOMMY!"The crab screamed in agony as he tries to catch up to the sea-sponge. After Eugene got out of restaurant, Patrick and his "wife" just watch as the sea-sponge and crab just lefted the food joint. Disappointed, the "married" sea-star spoke with a irritated face to his bride, "Aw, barnacles. Now we won't be able to order a bunch of Krabby Patties, hon."

Alternative Ending #27 - Stuck In The Wringer (128B)

*After Patrick barges into the pineapple door...*

With worry and guilt running through him, Patrick looks around to find Spongebob so he can fix the mess he created. Very concerned about the mess he made, the sea-star rapidly checks out the entire pineapple and the sponge stuck in the wringer is no where to be seen. This disappearance of his best friend had put a massive cringe into him.

"Dear Neptune, where is he?!Where is Spongebob?!"Patrick cautiously said in fear, wondering why Spongebob is not inside the pineapple. Hearing this, Gary appears from the demolished door outside, which actually got the sea-star's attention and speed walked right next to him. The snail looks up to the concerned star-fish, seeing his guilt and worry taking affect on him. Without Patrick knowing, Gary is the last one seeing Spongebob coming home in depression and going out somewhere without anyone acknowledging his pain except him. At first, the snail is very confused of why his owner is in a wringer to begin with, but started to feel very sorry for him after his owner told him what's going on. So Gary thinks its best to tell the sea-star what's going on after his arrival.

"Gary! Thank Neptune you're here! Have you seen Spongebob?!" Patrick asked the snail in worry, questioning why his best friend's presence is not in the pineapple.

"Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow."(I have. He came home and told me that he's going somewhere.) Gary meowed with a small sad tone in his voice.

"Where is he going?! Where is he going?!" The sea-star questioned Gary as he carries him with his bare hands.

"Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow."(Spongebob's at the hospital, Patrick. I'm starting to think that since he has that wringer on him like glue, even in sponge standards, he's not gonna make it.) Gary meowed sadly, telling the sea-star about his owner's devastation, which made Patrick cringe even more. This information has felt like a giant stab in the back to him. His best friend possibly dying all thanks to him.

"N-N-NOT GONNA MAKE IT?!HOLD ON SPONGEBOB! I'M COMING!"Patrick screamed in shame as he brings Gary with him and ran quickly straight to the hospital.

*Bubble Translation...*

Inside the hospital, Spongebob was lying in his hospital bed after being surgically removed from the wringer and is very glad that the wringer is finally off of him since doctor-fish figured out a way to do so.

Despite him miraculously out of the object, Spongebob is still very demolished from within after the passing day. He's been glued to the wringer, accidentally injured Squidward's eyes with mustard, unjustifiably scolded by Krabs for "destroying" the Krutsy Krab, mildly injured from an accident after sitting in the ride, and scolded again by Bottomites for no good sea-sponge overall have a bad day, all thanks to a certain sea-star who idiotically left him crippled to an object without seeing his pain.

The now non-crippled sponge is going to a lot to say to his "best friend", if he ever come to him actually. The thought of his "pal" has put a massive cringe and anger within Spongebob after all the suffrages he's been through, since it's all been done by Patrick's stupidity.

Oh tater sauce... Spongebob thought with irritation. Why does all of this have to happen to me? All I just wanted is to get this wringer off of me and though I'm getting used to it later on, nobody seemed to notice my pain. Also, I guess I need to stop using wringers from now on and go back to using towels. Normally I'm not harsh to anyone, but this happened all day thanks to Patrick. I asked him to help me to get out of it, but obviously he glued me instead. Neptune, I got a lot to say to that guy; if he's actually here.

Outside the hospital, Patrick ran as fast as he finally reach it, hoping that Spongebob is okay. However, Gary on the other hand was getting dizzy a little bit, due of the sea-star's movements shaking him which could've made him vomit. Seeing this, the sea-star rapidly put Gary next to the trash can to let him vomit after feeling sorrow for the snail. After the "cat" finished his puking, Patrick went to the counter where the nurse is while panting, in a hurry to find his best friend.

"Can I help you, sir?" The nurse-fish asked to the sweating sea-star. In response of this and glad this gets him closer to Spongebob, Patrick pants as he spoke, "Yes ma'am. I'm looking for Spongebob Squarepants. I'm in a hurry and I need to see him immediately."

"Ah, yes, Mr. Squarepants." She said as she takes a look at the list of patients, searching for Spongebob. Until, she found the sea-sponge's name at Number #28. Seeing this, the nurse responded to the sea-star as she points her finger to the direction where the door is in the hall up ahead, "Okay, he's over there in Room #28."

"Thank you." Patrick said with smile, glad that Spongebob is nearby as he walks over to the room. These sounds suddenly alarmed Spongebob as he heard voices coming from outside. Wondering who's coming, the sea-sponge sits up from his bed with a confused look on his face. Huh...? Someone's coming. I guess I got a visitor. He thought as footsteps were getting louder as it gets closer to the room. Suddenly, a knock was heard from the door.

*Knock knock knock*

"Who is it?" Spongebob asked in confusion, wondering who's behind the door. The door opens fully and sea-sponge saw Patrick and his pet Gary visiting him in the room. Spongebob's emotions have changed from confusion to bitter surprise as he has seen his problem causer coming closer to him. He can see the sorrow in the sea-star's eyes as he sat down in the nearby chair and put Gary right to him on the bed. SpongeBob gave his pet snail a soft smile and Patrick a stern expression after their arrival.

"Hi Spongebob..." Patrick spoke at last, with a sign of major guilt in his voice. In response, the sea-sponge responded back with a minor anger tone in his voice, "Hello Patrick." Hearing this, the sea-star can already tell that his best friend is very irritated to see him in the room, after what he done to him in the very passing day. The guilt within Patrick starts to take over when he reflected on his actions towards Spongebob. This is a good time for him to own him a major apology after what he's been through.

This is it, Patrick. The sea-star thought. This is your chance for making things right.

"So Patrick...what brings you here to visit me today?" Spongebob asked, questioning why did he pay a visit to the hospital. Looking at the sea-sponge's face Patrick sadly said while feeling sorrow for his best friend, "Well...to come and see you if you're alright. Gary told me you were here, so I rushed myself to pay a visit."

"I see...and besides my Gare-Bear telling you , should there be a good reason why did you come here?" The hospitalized sponge spoke in a bitter tone to the sea-star, whom's stating to weep a little. As tears started to fall from his face. Patrick responded back with shame as he wipe his tears, "Because...because I'm the reason why you're in the hospital."

"Yes. Yes Patrick, you're the reason why I'm here. And any good specific reason why I'm here and notice the wringer is not on me anymore?" Spongebob continues, starting to get angry for what Patrick done to him.

"Because I'm the one who glued you instead of getting you out of the wringer and didn't even check if you're okay." The sea-star said while starting to sob. Now feeling anger inside of him, the sea-sponge starts to get furious. Angry, he continues to be spoken a final question to the demolished sea-star as he crossed his arms, "And the one who "helped" me get stuck in the wringer even more, the one who took me to the carnival without checking if I'm still standing, and the one who said that I should use it for Krusty Krab when I should've known that was a bad idea right from the start."

"YES! I'm the one who did it! I'm the one who hurt you. This is all my fault! Me and my stupid ideas. I'm so sorry..." Patrick spoke in agreement as he started sobbing and taken out the glue shown the error of his ways.

After seeing the sea-star crying, Spongebob starts to cool down as his questions about his best friend's actions finally slap some sense into him. Gary on the other hand was just watching the whole thing. Ashamed of what he did to Spongebob, Patrick has decided to throw away the Forever Glue to the trash can, since basically that's the reason why Spongebob is stuck in the wringer to begin with.

"There! That's should do it. I'm never buying that glue ever again!" The sea-star said after he threw it in the trash can.

"Speaking of again, you're not gonna treat me like this ever again, right?" The sea-sponge asked hoping that Patrick would never let his suffer. Hearing this, Patrick said to his best friend after wiping up his tears, "YES! Don't worry, Spongebob. I will never do that again. For now on, I'll be a better best friend. Can you forgive me?" Those words has made Spongebob smile.

He's been waiting all day for those words to come out of his if he's upset about what Patrick done to him, he can't help but to forgive him. His angry expression has changed to a happy expression, giving him a better look on his face. This has made the sea-start happy too, as well, now that he's been forgiven for the deeds he committed.

Suddenly, that all seem to change when the sea-sponge started to have a little sinister look on his face, just exactly like that one time where he and Patrick pranked the town as this, Gary also started to have the exact same look on his face as well. Patrick's smile slowly disappears as he looked at the two in confusion.

"Uh guys? Why are you giving me those looks?" The sea-star said in confusion, wondering why his best friend and his snail is having those looks on their faces.

With a ominous grin, Spongebob spoke with a trickster-like look.

"Because I about to give you something that would make both of us even." The sea-sponge responded.

"What's that?" Patrick asked.

"This.NOW SANDY!"The sea-star shouted as his second best friend Sandy just pop out of nowhere with another wringer on her hand. This surprised the sea-star entirely as he gets off the chair, wondering what just happened. Before he even say anything, the squirrel swiftly shoved him into the wringer and gluing him inside, much to Spongebob and Gary's joy.

Patrick was just stunned as he was glued to the wringer and watch as Spongebob got out of the bed giggling with Gary, very shocked of this happening.

"Hey! What just happened here?!" Patrick asked the three as he tries to get himself out of the wringer, shacking left and right.

"You just got yourself swilled, Patrick! Didn't see that coming, did ya?" Sandy said with a smile as her two fellow friends stood next to her.

"I didn't. Spongebob, why?" The glued sea-star asked to the sponge as he walked towards him.

"Because you put me in so much pain, Patrick. How does it feel to be stuck in the wringer?" SpongeBob asked as he narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms.

"Pretty bad." The sea-star responded as he felt the same exact pain he gave to Spongebob.

"Meow meow meow." (Pretty bad indeed.) Gary meow in agreement.

Spongebob Squarepants: Alternative Endings - Chapter 3 - PyroPioneer (2024)


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