Seven Different Ways To Say Good Morning (2024)

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Good morning in English

Good morning is an English expression used when greeting someone first thing in the morning. It’s light and casual but appropriate to use in virtually all settings, whether communicating with your boss, a loved one, a stranger, or anyone else.

Examples: Using good morning in a sentence

Good morning, Dr. Smith. How are you doing today?
Good morning! I hope you’re all well-rested and ready for our hike.
Good morning! I hope you’re all well-rested and ready for our hike.

Although good morning can stand on its own as a greeting, it can also function as a noun phrase within a sentence, with “morning” serving as the noun and “good” serving as the adjective that modifies it. In this case, “good” can be replaced with any other adjective when describing a morning.

Examples: Other ways to say good morning as a noun phrase within a sentence

It’s been such a beautiful morning, right?
What a bright and sunny morning!
I’ve had such a lovely morning with my best friends.

Is it goodmorning or good morning?

The correct spelling is always good morning, never goodmorning.

The confusion may arise because good night is sometimes informally spelled as goodnight when used as an exclamation when parting ways with someone in the evening or before going to sleep.

Although goodnight is acceptable in some cases, goodmorning is not.


Good morning, Juliana. Did you get some rest?
Goodmorning, Juliana. Did you get some rest?

Other ways to say good morning

If you’d like to expand your vocabulary and learn different ways to say good morning, try using any of the following alternatives. But remember that context matters! Some good morning synonyms are appropriate to use only in certain settings.

1. ‘Morning or G’morning

Think of ‘morning or g’morning as a contraction for good morning. It’s typically used in casual conversations. It’s also acceptable to use in formal situations, so long as it’s spoken (many people naturally shorten good morning to either of these options). Avoid these alternatives when writing formal emails.

G’morning team! Did you all have some coffee?

2. Top of the morning to you

Top of the morning is an incredibly old-fashioned and formal way to say good morning. However, it’s sometimes still used in a silly and purposely pompous manner.

Top of the morning to you, Kyle! You look so fancy in your tuxedo.

3. Rise and shine

Rise and shine is a colloquial expression that can be used in place of good morning. It’s mostly used when in the process of waking someone up as a way to tell them, “It’s time to get up and be active.”

Rise and shine, Daniela. It’s time to get ready for school.

4. Wakey, wakey

Wakey, wakey is an appropriate alternative to good morning when communicating with a child, but it can also be used when trying to be humorous or light-hearted with a friend or loved one.

Wakey, wakey. I bought us some pastries for breakfast.

5. Happy morning to you

Happy morning to you is a unique and friendly way to send someone good morning greetings. It’s similar to saying happy birthday in that it expresses that you hope someone is having a pleasant morning. It’s best to reserve this alternative for use with friends and family.

Happy morning to you, Claire. Did you watch last night’s episode?

6. What a glorious morning

What a glorious morning is a fun and delightful way to greet others during the morning. However, it doesn’t work in exactly the same way as good morning but instead serves as a way to show enthusiasm or appreciation for the day ahead.

What a glorious morning! I’m ready to win the championship today.

7. Buenos días

Impress your friends or colleagues by saying buenos días, which is the Spanish phrase for good morning. It’s pronounced “bway-nos-dee-ahs.” This alternative is suitable for casual, everyday conversations.

Buenos días, Erick! How are you doing today?

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Seven Different Ways To Say Good Morning (2024)


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