Jaime's Landscaping · Jose J Rivas · 3221 Bancroft Dr, Suite 53, Spring Valley, CA 91977-2617 (2024)

San Diego Business Tax Certificates

3221 Bancroft Dr, Suite 53, Spring Valley, CA 91977-2617


JAIME'S LANDSCAPING (owned by JOSE J RIVAS) is a business in Spring Valley registered for tax certificate with the Office of the City Treasurer of the City of San Diego. The account number is #2007004954, and the account was created on May 3, 2007, with certificate effective on February 1, 2007 and expiring on January 31, 2008. The ownership type is Sole Proprietorship. The account status is Cancelled. The registered business location is at 3221 Bancroft Dr, Suite 53, Spring Valley, CA 91977-2617. The business industry code is NAICS 56173 - LANDSCAPING SERVICES.

Tax Certificate Information

Account Key 2007004954
Address 3221 Bancroft Dr
Suite 53
Spring Valley
CA 91977-2617
Ownership Type Sole Proprietorship
Account Status Cancelled
NAICS Sector 56
NAICS 56173: LANDSCAPING SERVICES North American Industry Classification System
Account Creation Date 2007-05-03
Business Start Date 2007-01-03
Certificate Effective Date 2007-02-01
Certificate Expiration Date 2008-01-31

Property Assessment Information

APN 7750401153
Address 3221 Bancroft Dr
Suite 53
Spring Valley
Assessed Total Value 0

Account History

Owner NameDBA NameAddressNAICS DescriptionCertificate Expiration Date
JOSE J RIVASJAIME'S LANDSCAPING3221 Bancroft Dr, Suite 53, Spring Valley, CA 91977-2617LANDSCAPING SERVICES2008-01-31
JOSE J RIVASJAIME'S LANDSCAPING3221 Bancroft Dr, Suite 53, Spring Valley, CA 91977-2617LANDSCAPING SERVICES2008-01-31 23:59:59

Location Information

Street Address 3221 BANCROFT DR
Suite 53
State CA
Zip Code 91977-2617

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Dataset Information

This dataset includes over 400 thousands business tax certificates registered with the Office of the City Treasurer of the City of San Diego. Businesses that operate within San Diego must get a business tax certificate issued by the City Treasurer. Each business is registered with certificate account number, DBA name, owner name, business address, business phone number, account created date, certificate expiration date, etc.

Subject Economy and Community
Jurisdiction City of San Diego, State of California
Data Provider Office of the City Treasurer, City of San Diego
Source data.sandiego.gov

Dataset Details

Tax administration is one of the duties of the San Diego City Treasurer and is outlined in the City Charter, San Diego Municipal Code and California Government Code. The City of San Diego assesses a business tax on any business operating within the City of San Diego. All businesses operating in the City of San Diego are required to register for a Business Tax Certificate. The City of San Diego issues a Business Tax Certificate instead of a business license. Issuance of the Business Tax Certificate acknowledges payment of business taxes. Issuance of the certificate does not authorize the conduct of any illegal or unlawful business or any business activity for which a license or permit is required by state law, county ordinance or the San Diego Municipal Code, including but not limited to police, health, zoning, planning building or engineering permits, or state contractors licenses and the like. The issuance of a Business Tax Certificate shall not relieve an owner or operator from obtaining any licenses or permits that may be necessary under other provisions of law for employees or for operation of the business.

This dataset includes all active and inactive business tax certificates issued since 1990. The information for each business includes account key, account status (active or inactive), account creation date or certificate issue date, certificate expiration date, business owner name, ownership type (including Corp - Coporation,H-W - Married, LLC - Limited Liability Co (LLC), LP - Limited Partnership (LP), NO/PRF - Non-profit entity, Partnr-partnership, SCORP - S Corporation, Sole Propriethorship, Trust) business start date, Doing Business As name, NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) sector, code and description, business street address, council district.

The City of San Diego is committed to the principles of open, accessible, efficient, and transparent government, and the use of technology to help put those principles into practice. On December 17, 2013, the San Diego City Council approved San Diego Resolution R-308684 (Jan. 2, 2014) in support of creating an open data policy. This policy creates a process for making City data available online using open standards. The City recognizes that making data available online in this manner will promote civic engagement, improve service delivery, allow for more effective communication with the public, and increase opportunities for economic development.

Jaime's Landscaping · Jose J Rivas · 3221 Bancroft Dr, Suite 53, Spring Valley, CA 91977-2617 (2024)


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