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For a long time, Megumi had wondered what made a silence ‘comfortable.’ Whenever he’d talk as a child with his squeaky voice and the room went deftly quiet in response, he didn’t feel comfortable. Those eerily hushed car rides with his biological dad in the driver’s seat and him in the back seat fearfully clutching his Spongebob backpack never felt comfortable. The silence that fell over fresh debris after Megumi had eliminated a curse surely wasn’t. However, as the saying goes, “When you know, you know,” and Megumi knew this was as comfortable silence could get.

He took his sweet time unbuttoning Satoru’s expensive white dress shirt, learning to fold it and place it on the bathroom counter neatly so Satoru wouldn’t throw a fit. Megumi was keenly aware of the bottomless blue eyes that tracked his every movement, but unlike any other watchful gaze, this one didn’t make him nervous. Unbuckling Satoru’s belt also didn’t make him nervous, and neither did kneeling to take his luxurious shoes off of Satoru’s worn feet. There was a comfortable familiarity in his body that Megumi indulged himself in.

After placing his shoes off to the side, Megumi unfastened his dress pants, slowly dragging the material down pale sculpted legs and allowing Satoru to step out of each leg hole before folding and placing the pants on top of his shirt. With his angelic body on display, Megumi glanced up at Satoru’s eyes to check for any displeasure and instead had to hold back tears from how endearing he was looking at Megumi. It was so sickly sweet that he had to immediately break eye contact and return to taking off Satoru’s boxers, eliciting a muffled snort from above him that he promptly decided to ignore.

Once he was completely exposed, Satoru waited for Megumi to stand up and began undressing him even slower than he had disrobed Satoru. While his piercing eyes were focused on the buttons of his shirt, Megumi took the opportunity to stare at every line of Satoru’s face. His eye bags and smile lines and eyebrow creases paved a constellation—and those eyes. Under the dimmed lighting of Satoru’s bathroom, Megumi felt he was staring into two impossibly full moons. He submerged in the love reflected in those irises, only moving his body when Satoru tapped his limbs lightly, wordlessly telling him to lift his arm or leg to get his clothes off. He was breathtakingly gentle when handling Megumi as if any slight movement would pull him in a riptide and steal his long life away; Megumi thought that was the only way he could die without regrets.

Finally, finally, finally, Satoru took his hand with a soft smile and guided him to the bath. He saw the candles he had been smelling—presumably something vanilla or autumn-scented—placed delicately on the corners of the tub. Seeing Satoru look back at him for reassurance made Megumi smile a big, toothy smile, and that told Satoru all he needed to know. He gestured for Megumi to step into the tub while he grabbed his phone and shuffled Cigarettes After Sex’s discography, and he thought it was fitting that Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby was what began playing.

Megumi waited for Satoru to get in before sitting down, knowing he would want Megumi in his lap so he could pamper him. Once situated, Satoru cupped his rough hands and scooped water onto Megumi’s hair, gently pulling his head back so none got in his eyes. The fingers coaxing the water into his scalp massaged all of the stress out of Megumi’s head and allowed him to focus on the feeling of Satoru all around him—under his nails, behind his eyelids, below his jawline, in his ribcage. He was sure no drug could get him as high as Satoru’s touch did, and he was addicted.

Satoru stopped massaging his scalp long enough to pump shampoo onto his palm and lather it up before moving right back into Megumi’s hair. Although the candles overpowered the fragrance of his shampoo, he knew that Satoru was using the lavender-scented kind that he had recently bought Megumi, insisting that if his darling Megumi wanted to smell like lavender, Satoru would smother him in it and drown the both of them in Megumi’s signature scent. He assumed it’s because Satoru had an obsession with only using vanilla-scented products, and he wanted Megumi to smell just as intoxicating as he does. Or maybe it’s because he wanted to be reminded of Megumi every time he smelled lavender just as Megumi is reminded of Satoru whenever he smells vanilla. Or maybe it meant nothing.

Although it was slow, Satoru opted to use his hands to rinse the soap out of his hair. Megumi had no objections, of course, because it meant more time spent floating around the touch of Satoru’s hands and the feel of his body wrapped endearingly around his own. A part of him hoped that Satoru couldn’t see the soft smile across his face whenever he shielded his eyes from the soap, but another part of him didn’t care what he showed Satoru anymore because he was secure in the knowledge that Satoru loved him.

Once the shampoo was rinsed out and he had gone through the whole routine again with conditioner—which was also lavender scented—Satoru began softly scrubbing his body with a black loofa. Starting from his tense shoulders all the way down to his cramped feet, Satoru washed away the grime and worry. They both ignored the way his dick reacted to the soft touches all over his body because they were there for domesticity, not carnal desire, and Megumi loved Satoru for that. He loved him for much, much more, but it could simply be for that reason for now.

Megumi decided to just submerge his body under the bath water to rinse, blowing bubbles underwater that tasted like soap and love. He felt Satoru’s chest behind him shake with adoring laughter. With a smile, he pushed himself up out of the water and turned around to face Satoru, straddling his thighs and wrapping his arms delicately around his shoulders. Their eyes locked and danced back and forth in a battle of admiration, yet Megumi was willing to lose that battle in hopes of winning the war. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened them, and let his voice ripple through the veils of their comfortable silence:

“I love you.”

as long as you're with me, you'll be just fine - STEATOPYGIC - 呪術廻戦 (2024)


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