77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (2024)

77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (1)

Cheesy Hockey Pick Up Lines

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (2)

  1. I'm hoping to slide past your goalie and into your DMs.

  2. When we date, don't be surprised if the date goes into sudden death overtime.

  3. When life gets slippery, we should stick together.

  4. Let me cross your blue line tonight.

  5. Let's spend all night discussing which hockey stick tape job is best.

  6. I wouldn't mind if we play hockey on our first date.

  7. I'll let you be the shootout winner tonight.

  8. You're like my rival in a hockey game; I can't stop staring at you.

  9. Every three dates, we go to a hockey game. Deal?

  10. Let me hold you like the Stanley Cup.

Cheesy is a great way to go when trying to pick someone up. Nothing will make you stand out more than the ability to laugh at yourself. Use cheesy pick up lines to make the other person think you're cute in no time.

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (3)

Rizz Hockey Pick Up Lines

  1. Want to be my power play partner?

  2. Your goalie skills are unmatched but I hope you let me score big tonight.

  3. I'd like to take a penalty shot or two with you.

  4. Let's go for a hat trick tonight.

  5. Can't wait to see what your hockey jersey looks like on my floor.

  6. Hope you don't mind if I make a slap shot or two.

  7. You don't need a penalty to get in my box.

  8. Drive over me like a zamboni driver.

  9. I might treat you like a hockey puck in the bedroom.

  10. You can't melt the ice on a hockey rink, but you make my heart melt.

Some say that rizz can't be taught. You can only be born with it. We say that's bull. Try one of these rizz lines and they'll want you immediately. Be a little seductive with your date and your life will change completely.

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (5)

Funny Hockey Pick Up Lines

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (6)

  1. Don't you want to kiss a guy who's had all his teeth knocked out?

  2. You tick all my boxes.

  3. I call my bedroom the hockey rink. You never know what'll go down.

  4. I know you're tempted, but please don't bring your hockey stick.

  5. Hope you don't play defense too hard tonight.

  6. OK if I wear my goalie mask to bed? Just kidding!

  7. We don't need hockey sticks to break the ice.

  8. I want to hold you. Hold on, let me take off my hockey glove.

  9. Not going to lie, you're on a power play with me.

  10. I call my bedroom the hockey arena. Want to play hockey with me?

  11. The hockey net won't be able to stop our pucking.

One of the best qualities in a partner is sense of humor. Everybody wants to laugh. Everybody likes to laugh. Start things off right by making them laugh! One of these fuuny pick up lines will be enough to get them hollering, and you're already on your way to the first, second, and third dates.

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (7)

Romantic Hockey Pick Up Lines

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (8)

  1. I'm really hoping to score the game winning goal with you tonight.

  2. Dating you would be like scoring big.

  3. I don't mind if you put me in the penalty box.

  4. Please let this be more than just a one timer.

  5. I might be willing to love you more than I love hockey. Might.

  6. I may have some rough edges, but I'm still a dependable old hockey stick.

  7. I could do with a poke check tonight.

  8. I may be a brittle old hockey skate, but I'll love you the best I can.

  9. With you it was glove at first sight.

  10. I'll get your heart racing faster than a perfect match in hockey.

Don't go romantic before the first date. That's true no matter what. These lines are best if you're coming up on your third or fourth date. Keep things a bit lighter and less serious at first.

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (9)

NHL Pick Up Lines

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (10)

  1. You make my heart race faster than a fight in the faceoff circle.

  2. Let's keep going long past the goal horn.

  3. You'll know I really like you if I want to see you during hockey season.

  4. Bring your stick and your hockey mask -- we're going all night long.

  5. Only date me if you have a hockey helmet.

  6. Be my power play specialist.

  7. Scotty Bowman's got nothing on me.

  8. I can't wait to puck you.

  9. Time for some body checks.

  10. No line changes in the bedroom.

Not everyone's an NHL fan -- sucks to be them -- but those that are will appreciate these lines. You want to find someone who will share your passion for hockey, right? Don't go out tonight until you've chosen one of these pick up lines.

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (11)

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77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (12)

These lines will only work if they're a hockey player or hockey fan. You won't be very successful if the other person knows nothing about hockey.

To land pickup lines successfully, you have to develop a sense for reading the room. Learn to recognize when people respond positively to what you say and do. A smooth hockey pick up line, no matter how smooth, simply won't land if the other person doesn't know anything about hockey.

77+ Hockey Pick Up Lines to get a Fan (2024)


What are questions to ask about hockey? ›

Common Hockey Questions
  • Q: What is the puck made of? ...
  • Q: How fast does the puck travel? ...
  • Q: Which shot is the hardest for a goalie to stop? ...
  • Q: What about deflections? ...
  • Q: Which is tougher for the goalie to stop a slap shot or a wrist shot? ...
  • Q: How thick is the ice? ...
  • Q: What are the standard dimensions of the rink?

How did hockey become a sport? ›

History. Ice hockey is believed to have evolved from simple stick and ball games played in the 18th and 19th centuries in Britain, Ireland, and elsewhere, primarily bandy, hurling, and shinty. The North American sport of lacrosse was also influential.

How is the game of ice hockey played? ›

Ice hockey is a game between two teams who wear skates and compete on an ice rink. Each team usually has six players. The object is to propel the puck past a goal line and into a net guarded by a goaltender. Ice hockey is popular for its speed and frequent physical contact.

How many players in hockey? ›

Correct answer is 11. Each team consists of 11 players, one goalkeeper, and 10 outfield players. The outfield positions include defenders, midfielders, and attackmen.

What is a few lines about hockey game? ›

Hockey is the national game of India. Also, it is a popular game and an interesting game that many countries play. The game has many rules that need to be followed by each team so that a fair play can be conducted. There are different varieties of this game played across the globe.

What are 3 things about hockey? ›

7 Interesting Facts About Hockey
  • The First Indoor Hockey Game Happened in 1875. ...
  • Hockey Pucks Are Frozen. ...
  • NHL Teams Can Use Emergency Goalies. ...
  • The Montreal Canadiens Have the Most Stanley Cup Wins. ...
  • Wayne Gretzky is the NHL's Top Scorer. ...
  • The Miracle on Ice is Considered One of the Top Sports Moments.
Mar 19, 2023

Is hockey a hard sport? ›

Hockey is often considered one of the hardest sports in the world due to a number of factors. One of the most significant is the speed and physicality of the game. Players skate at high speeds and are constantly in motion, making it difficult to maintain control of the puck and navigate the ice.

Is hockey a sport yes or no? ›

Overall, Hockey is a worldwide sport. Being played by about 70 different countries. As well as international competition in the Olympics and other tournaments like the World Cup of Hockey and other International Juniors' tournaments.

Why is it called hockey? ›

As many suggest the name “hockey” apparently comes from the French word “hoquet” which when translated means “shepherd's stick”. A shepherd's stick was a stick that often had a curved hook that shepherds would use to manage and direct sheep.

What is not allowed in hockey? ›

Players are allowed to play the puck with their skates, but players cannot kick the puck into the goal. Another classic rule break applies to the hockey stick. End of the stick may never be held above the shoulders. Fouls also include tripping, cross-checking and hooking.

What does SOG mean in hockey? ›

SOG – Shots on Goal

The number of shots on goal the player made, which are shots that the goaltender is required to stop, and if they didn't, it would be a goal.

What are the blue lines in hockey? ›

The blue lines are used to determine if a player has gone offside. Under the delayed offside rule, an infraction occurs when a play is offside and any attacking player touches the puck or checks a player in the offensive zone.

What is a 16 in hockey? ›

When the attacking team plays the ball over the backline, the defense receives a 16-yard hit. The free hit is taken 16 yards from the spot where the ball crossed the backline. The Push-In/Hit-In. A push-in or hit-in is awarded to the opposition if a player hits the ball wholly over the sideline.

Why does hockey have 3 periods? ›

Physical Demands. Hockey is an intense and physically demanding sport. The players need to maintain a high level of speed, agility, and endurance throughout the game. By splitting the game into three periods, players are given an opportunity to rest and recover between each period.

What are 5 interesting facts about hockey? ›

10 Fun Field Hockey Facts
  • At the London 2012 Olympics, hockey was the 3rd most spectated sport.
  • Celebrities Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence and Heath Ledger all played hockey. ...
  • Men's hockey has the fastest swing speed of any sport reaching around 103 miles per hour.
  • Hockey was originally called shinty.

What is important about hockey? ›

Hockey is a great way for kids to stay active and healthy. It helps them develop strength, agility, and endurance while having fun with friends. Hockey also teaches kids how to work together as a team and make strategic decisions on the ice, giving them a sense of accomplishment when they play well together.

What is the hardest thing about hockey? ›

Overall, the combination of speed, physicality, skill, mental toughness, and logistical challenges make hockey one of the hardest sports in the world.

What is unique about hockey? ›

Unlike other sports hockey is fast paced and exciting with end to end action. There isn't the delay between plays like other popular sports. The ice also adds an element of speed unlike any other.


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